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Patient Comments

I thought "quick relief" was what chiropractic was about. But I've learned more from Lukert's office on how to prevent problems by stretching tense muscles. What that means is that prevention focus leads to fewer symptoms and better everyday wellness. No more temporary fixes!


I was — at first — very skeptical of coming to Lukert Chiropractic to alleviate the pain in my neck. Years of wrestling and other sports had damaged not only my neck, but also a large portion of my lower back. I assumed that the pain would just be a part of life; that I would never be able to turn my head to the left as far as needed. I was wrong. After going to Dr. Lukert and getting on a wellness program that was intensive and informative, the change is amazing. I suffer from almost no pain today. I can turn my head to the left, and I actually sleep through the entire night now. My time spent here at Lukert's has been one of the most well-spent and intelligent decisions I have ever made.


As a physical therapist, I know the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of preventing and treating injuries. Chiropractic is an important part of a multidisciplinary approach to health care. Our entire family has experienced positive benefits from our care with Dr. Lukert. We look forward to our regular visits, and we appreciate Dr. Lukert's philosophy of health care. We recommend it to anyone.


I've suffered from neck pain for 10-15 years and recently hurt my lower back. Although I'm not back to "normal" yet, I've made a lot of progress in the two weeks I've received services. I am now able to touch my toes (haven't done that for six weeks), and my neck and shoulders are no longer a bunch of knotted muscles. I really like Lukert's because they really reinforce total wellness, including diet, exercise and stretching to carry over and reinforce the progress that I've made. I would recommend Lukerts to anyone.


I have been a patient of Dr. Lukert for three weeks and have had a complete reduction in my pain that was in my right hip and on the right side of my neck. I feel I have a new life. I can do things that I thought I would never be able to do again. The best part of all, I am pain free. Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Lukert and his fine staff.


Participating in the Living Well for Life program has changed my life and given me back my health. I feel more in control with the information this program has given me to improve my diet and exercise. I believe the accountability of weekly appointments has helped me lose about 15 pounds, but more importantly, improve my body fat percentages, resting heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. My energy levels, positive attitude, and self-confidence have also improved as a result of the Living Well for Life program.


I have had problems with severe and frequent headaches my whole life. I have also developed neck and shoulder pain the last 10 years, probably due to an injury in a car accident and work-related stressors. Other chiropractors would just do adjustments to my neck and back, so I'd be better for a few days, but the headaches never went away.

When I started seeing Dr. Lukert, he took an interest in fixing the deeper cause of my headaches and pain, so he started working not only on spinal adjustments, but also on muscle tension, stretching, posture and exercise.

Through his encouragement, care and work, I am much more purposeful about how I take care of myself and my family, my headaches have nearly gone away completely (I haven't had one in three months), I feel better, and I have lost 10 pounds.

My whole family sees Dr. Lukert now, and we're all better for it.


After having a very active lifestyle during high school and college, I gained weight because I started working full-time and was not working out anymore. Additionally, being out-of-shape caused my body to become more prone to sickness and my spine to not be in good shape. Dr. Lukert began to use chiropractic to help alleviate my spinal problems and also encouraged a healthy lifestyle that included eating healthy, exercise and stretching. This has enabled me to lose weight in a healthy manner and has also decreased common sickness and increased my overall health. Chiropractic is still great for me on a maintenance plan, but the overall wellness practiced in my life has been a huge step in feeling great day-in and day-out. Thanks to Dr. Lukert and his helpful staff for their help in making my goals a reality.


I came to [Lukert Chiropractic & Wellness] for pain in my right shoulder. I could hardly move my shoulder. Dr. Lukert explained everything he was going to do while working on my shoulder. After adjusting, he took me over to the therapy/exercise room and began to show me how to do stretches and to continue to do them three to four times a day. I did as Dr. Lukert said and have not been back since. The personnel and Dr. Lukert are fantastic people. I would recommend them anytime.


When I first came to see Dr. Lukert, I was having neck and head aches and having to take ibuprofen every day. I no longer have these problems. A visit once a month to take care of my pain is much better than medicine!


I had a shoulder injury. After a few sessions, I had mobility in it without surgery. I have been on a wellness program for a few months now and have fewer aches and pains.


I have been a patient of Dr. Lukert for about two years. I was seeing different chiropractic doctors for about 10 years. It seemed that every one of them would help on a temporary basis. I started on a wellness program here and have found that a once-a-month treatment keeps me feeling better. My work is hard on my body and this seems to relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders. The massage is wonderful after the chiropractic care...the muscles just tend to relax.


I've been a patient for four years. My neck and lower back used to bother me sometimes. It very seldom does anymore. I don't get sick as much anymore. I'm a dairy farmer and put in long hours sometimes, regardless of how I feel, so it helps a lot to be healthy all the time.


I have had back aches and pains since I was a kid and basically received chiropractic care when I couldn't stand the pain anymore. I assumed that I would always have to endure some pain and it couldn't really be fixed or prevented. I started going to Dr. Lukert, and he talked about prevention and overall health in addition to just getting rid of the pain. He gave me some stretches to do for my lower back and neck, and — to my surprise — I didn't have the pain anymore.

I have noticed that if I keep doing the stretches, think about my posture more, practice proper lifting techniques, etc., I feel a lot better. I see how regular chiropractic care, as well as exercise, stretching, and overall healthy eating and drinking has made me feel better and stronger, not only in sports or playing with my kids, but just normal daily life. I encourage everyone to make it a priority.


I have been a patient of Dr. Lukert since the very beginning. He has always promoted health and wellness, and he has been very encouraging to me in starting an exercise program and getting me started riding a bike regularly. Through chiropractic and Dr. Lukert, my quality of life is very much improved.


I was plagued with lower back and neck problems. Being a pastor in St. Joseph and making long trips in the car, my back was usually in pain. Through Dr. Lukert's treatments and my following his advice on exercises, I was soon feeling better, and the problems did not return.

I am excited about the wellness program, and it has helped both mentally and physically. I highly recommend the program to anyone.


When my daughter's back was causing her a great deal of pain, I reluctantly gave into her plea for a chiropractic visit. After several visits, she was thrilled with the relief she felt. So was I!

Next, Dr. Lukert was my first call after a sports injury for a dislocated shoulder with the same daughter. She was ready for tournament play within a week!

Last, I have been visiting Dr. Lukert for a neck problem I had considered permanent. It wasn't.

Chiropractic has really helped our family over the past several years!


When I first came to see Dr. Lukert I had a lot of back pain and leg pain. I have been coming to see Dr. Lukert for three months now, and I have improved dramatically. I have learned through coming to see Dr. Lukert that you have to stretch and do exercises to prevent injury and get stronger. I think the biggest thing I have learned is I am not 20 anymore and shouldn't be doing the things I did then. I am very grateful to Dr. Lukert's whole staff for helping me.


I have been a patient of Dr. Lukert's for a few months now. I came in for back pain, and they have done an excellent job of not just eliminating my back pain but also giving me exercises to do that strengthen my core to keep me from reinjuring my self again in a few months. An unexpected benefit from doing the exercises is that I used to suffer from indigestion every single day. It was so bad I was ready to get the surgery on my stomach flap. After doing the quick, simple, easy exercises for a week, I completely stopped getting indigestion/acid reflux. Thank you!


I've been coming to Lukert's for about three years. I first came because of ankle problems and spent a lot of time here strengthening my ankle after surgery. Ever since then, I have been a frequent patient of Lukert Chiropractic & Wellness. My injuries have varied from muscle tightness in the back to a pulled hamstring. Dr. Lukert and his staff have helped me recover completely from whatever injury that had been bothering me. Dr. Lukert has always shown me exercises that will help me stay strong and keep the injury from reoccurring. I would recommend visiting Lukert Chiropractic & Wellness for any pain that is bothering you.


About 18 months ago, I started visiting the Lukert Chiropractic & Wellness clinic. My initial complaint was pain in my neck with progressively less mobility, tight muscles in my upper back and pain in my upper arms. I had thought that some of the pain would eventually ease and attributed the stiffness to just "getting old." Dr. Lukert explained that with proper spine alignment, I didn't have to feel like that. After several treatments with Dr. Lukert and doing the exercises he recommended, I became more mobile, had much less pain and generally, over all, felt much better. I appreciate that I haven't had to use medicine to "fix" the problem. I appreciate that Dr. Lukert encourages me to total wellness-with my physical activity, my diet, my mind and my soul. I am now on a maintenance schedule and make monthly visits. It is up to me to keep working on exercise, diet and my mental outlook. Thank you, Dr. Lukert, for caring about me and giving me encouragement to have and keep the best over all health that is possible for me.


I've been a patient for nearly eight months. I'm a student athlete in college and was plagued with lower back pain that resulted in numerous injuries and never reaching my goals. As a long distance runner, one of the keys to my success in running is the long run (16 to 20 miles). My back would lock up around mile 12, and pain followed the rest of the way. With the help and support of Lukert Chiropractic, I was not only feeling better, I was also back on track, running well and faster. Suddenly, 20 miles was enjoyable again!! Thanks!


I have been coming for four years after I fell down some stairs. Since then I've come at least once a month. I feel better, and I don't seem to get sick as much. I really enjoy coming here. Dr. Lukert always makes time to see you if you need it.


I have been going to Lukert Chiropractic and Wellness for two years. One of the reasons I started going to Dr. Lukert's office was because I was having headaches 1-2 times a week. After having regular adjustments from Dr. Lukert, I have only been having headaches 1-2 times a month! I help my mom and dad at our collision repair shop, and I am always up-and-down and lifting. Dr. Lukert has helped me stay healthy and keep my body adjusted.


In 2007, I was training to run a marathon to raise money for the Leukemia Society. Three months into my preparation, I pulled a calf muscle that limited my training. Dr. Lukert worked with me individually for more than three months in an intensive program. He provided a combination of physical therapy, deep tissue massage, electrical stimulation, and exercises to get me ready to run. Without his help, I would not have been physically prepared to accomplish this feat.

Recently, Dr. Lukert has been instrumental in rehabilitating players I've coached so that they can be ready for athletic competition. Without his assistance, these young men and women would not have had many opportunities to fulfill dreams of theirs to compete at a high level.

I feel that Dr. Lukert and his staff have a genuine overall concern for the total wellness of their patients. Their positive attitude and willingness to be educated with the latest, state-of-the-art medical equipment provides our community with another avenue to live a long, healthy life.


I am a pastor in Sabetha. I have been a patient of Dr. Lukert’s for close to four months. I came to Dr. Lukert because I was experiencing numbness in my hands and extreme discomfort in my neck. After consulting with the “Great Physician,?I believed God would use Dr. Lukert to heal my neck injury. That is exactly what happened.

I have mobility back in my neck, and I no longer experience numbness in my limbs. I praise God for the gift of healing He has given to Dr. Lukert and his staff.


I first went to see Lukert Chiropractic & Wellness in February 2009 with back pain and limited mobility. In my work, I am always bending, twisting, climbing stairs, and lifting heavy objects. After a complete exam, Dr. Lukert and Dawn Winkler showed me what type of exercise program I needed. I was amazed at how easy the exercise is and how fast it relieved my back pain. I am now on a monthly maintenance program and am able to try and keep up with my grandkids (sometimes).



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